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This project goal is to use Microsoft Excel file as resources storage for MVC web applications. The project were developed with Visual Studio 2013 Express. The Xource library compiled with Framework .NET 4 for backward compatibility concerns - meaning it can be used in Visual Studio 2010. 


Xource uses EPPlus library to work with excel file. Its a great project, and I strongly recommend to visit it. 


• T4 template usage in order to generate static class to use during application design.
• Content.xlsx file monitoring for changes.
• Adaptive behavior - automatically displays content in language that is default for client browser if supported in content file.


The source code contains small demo application that covers most of the scenarios I could think of.
It is strongly recommend to take 10-20 minutes of your time and follow walkthrough session.
Please use Discussions to let me know how to improve or Issues to submit bugs you found. I will be glad to hear ideas and open to suggestions on how to improve the library (that is if you find it useful at all).


  1. Excel file structure
  2. Adding to project from .zip file
  3. Adding to project from NuGet library
  4. Working during design time
  5. Initializing for runtime
  6. File monitor
  7. DemoWebSite

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